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Levin Endodontics Root Canal Lafayette Alexandria Lake Charles LA Endodontist


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Patient Testimonials

This was my third root canal, the first two being with other endodontics doctors and by far, Dr. Levin is the best in his field. I would like to thank Dr. Levin and his great staff for their professionalism, compassion to there patient's, and their dedication to their profession. I have already recommened Dr. Levin to my family, friends and employee's. Again, thanks to all who made my treatment as painless as possible.

Kendrick T.

Services and staff were great. I have no more pain, thank you, Dr. Levin. I felt very comfortable in the office and pleased with results.

Helen B.

I was referred to Dr. Levin by dentist. When I entered the office, I was greeted and felt very good about the staff. When I met Dr. Levin, he was so pleasant and explained his work thoroughly. My actual work went smoothly, and in spite of my anxiety, I felt comfortable with everyone.

Lynn Toups

Dr Levin and staff were very kind, informative before, during and after my sons treatment. The compassion they showed my son (10) was very reassuring that they were concerned about him. Very SATISFIED customer.

Tyler L

I want to thank Dr. Levin and his entire staff for the care that I recently received when I needed a root canal. Everyone was very professional, kind , and helpful. Now, I hope I will not have to have another root canal, but, if I do, I will have Dr. Levin do it. I would recommend him to anyone!!! Thank you, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie Ardoin

This was my first, and hopefully only, root canal. I have heard such horror stories, and I am very happy to say that I do not have one. Everyone at work was shocked that I was here, but I honestly felt fine. I have been telling everyone about my great experience with your office. You and your staff are very caring and just made the entire experience a joy! (Trust me...I have NEVER said that about any doctor.) Thank you for taking such great care of me and my tooth. We both appreciate it!

Tanya V.

i have been a very skiddish person due to the traumatic previous experience as a young child. i can honestly say that after being treated with such compassion and care at your office that i am willing to have any dental work done without hesitation,concern or fear. everyone there has been fantastic. thank you very much.

Simone L.

Dr. Levin recently performed three root canals on me.  He is clearly a very experienced, knowledgeable and gifted endodontist with a talented, kind and supportive staff.  I hope I never have to have another root canal, but if I ever do, I won''t hesitate to have Dr. Levin perform it.

Jeanne F.

Very impressed with  care and attention given by Dr. Levin and his staff.  Informative before, during and after treatment; gives evidence to their care for patient well being.  I expected discomfort throughout the root canal procedure, I was pleasantly surprised.  Thank you for making this experience as pleasant as possible. 
S. Hebert

S. Hebert

Hearing "Root Canal" sounds scary and painful. Dr. Levin made this procedure painless and very comfortable to go thru. His office staff is so warm and welcoming and make the experience a pleasure. I would recommend Dr. Levin's office as I am a very satisfied customer.

Leticia L.

The care that Barry has received with Dr. Levin is unbelievable. Very personable, very professional and Barry was not the least bit intimidated...No pain, and he skipped out to the car in the parking lot. After several check in phone calls before and after the procedure, I knew this doctor genuinely cared for my child and his situation. I would recommend him HIGHLY.

Barry's Mom

Dr. Levin and the staff were incredible. Not once did I feel unwelcome in the office. There would be no hesitation for me to recommend Dr. Levin to anyone! I had a pain free experience and am very very pleased with the results!

Lauren L

I have nothing but the highest praise for the attention and care I have received. Dr. Levin has performed two root canals on me and, I am completely satisfied with the entire experience. At first I was somewhat perplexed by the two stage surgery. It works - plain and simple. My tooth pain has been eliminated. I have no reservations in recommending his care and his awesome staff. Good folks! Thanks.

Tom M

I have to admit I already had two previous root canals by a great endodontist who is now retired. I was in need of an evaluation on a molar due to a possible fracture and Dr. Levin's staff went out of there way to see me ASAP. Due to a change in schedule I was able to have the root canal and core buildup done the next day. He was able to save the tooth and he and his staff were exceptionally great. I never once felt pain, not even the stick of the needle!! I have never been so excited about having any kind of dental work done much less a root canal! When I returned back at work I was so excited about saving my tooth and my co-workers said they had never seen anyone so excited about having a root canal!!! Thank you Dr. Levin!!! You are the BEST!!!!

Sonia D

Thank you Dr. Levin for taking the pain away. I can finally enjoy food once again. Stefanie and Morgan, thanks for your kindness and making me feel at ease. Highly recommended!

Kimmie N.

 Services and people were great!!! No pain, was very comfortable with all who assisted and Dr. Levin was great.  Thanks for making this experience an enjoyable and painless one.

Cynthia T.

I was told from a friend who has had treatment by Dr. Levin in the past how wonderful He and His Staff were. I experienced first hand for myself. Thank you all, and will not hesitate to refer patients in the future to Dr. Levin

Donna Z.

As I said while in the office, this was the BEST dental experience I have ever had, and I have had quite a few.  Having an observer in the room with me made the entire proceedure extremely interesting.  I learned quite a bit.  It might seem odd to say that I actually enjoyed the experience, but I really did. When I returned to the office, I raved to my staff about your office.  Dr. Levin, in my opinion, is the absolute best.  The staff are professional yet friendly and welcoming.  Highest quality work---certainly the office that I would choose for all my dental work should that be an option. Thank you for all that you (and I mean everyone there) did for me.

Charles T.

When is the last time you had fun getting a root canal? ??  This was my first time ! Dr. Levin has a great sense of humor !!! No pain, and a great staff. Had some post op pain, and called Dr. Levin on returned within 5 minutes and problem solved. That kind of service just can''t be beat. I am most satisfied.

Joe B

I had no pain before,or after all appointments.  The staff was awesome and the doctor was very very nice and caring.  I will recommended him to others and tell my dentist to do so also.  Thanks a lot for your care.

Dena L.


Dorothy T.

This has been my second operation with Dr.Levin.  Both experiences were great.  Staff is professional yet personable.  Dr.Levin has my most enthusiastic recomendation for anyone who is in need of care.



Andrea W.

I appreciate the pride and satisfaction that Dr. Levin takes in his work - a job well done.

Maria R.

In regards to my recent visit for tooth #24, I would like to commend Dr. Levin and the entire staff for the courtesy and professional manner in which I was treated.  You guys are great!!!

Charles G.

I am very pleased with the treatment and the outcome. If you gotta have a root canal, go to Dr. Levin . . .

Ray M.

I am EXTREMELY thankful that Dr. Levin and staff were able to see me in such a short notice and were VERY concerned with easing the pain and correcting the problem tooth.  Dr. Levin takes his time doing the procedure ensuring a perfect outcome! I was very pleased and would highly recommend.  Thank you again ....

Alyson B.

I would recommend Dr. Levin to anyone.  Professional, yet friendly staff.  Caring.  I got a call later in the evening to check to see how I was feeling from Dr. Levin.  You have to appreciate that kind of service!

Gayle D.

Awesome job, with no pain!!!!!!

Sam L.

ALL the staff was absolutely excellent!!!!!
Everyone was extremely kind, courteous, and helpful.
Dr. Levin and his nurse were the best!
Thank y''all soooooo much for making this ALMOST a pleasant experience. :) {simply being a root canal causes it to be unpleasant.}

Richard H.

I was very impress that I didn''t feel a thing doing the procedure. First time that has ever happen to me. Very Satisfied.

Johnny C.

I was very satisfied with the care I received and would highly recommend your services to friends and family.

Lynn B.

I was very satisfied with the level of service I received by Dr. Levin and his staff.  They were very helpful and professional.  Dr. Levin explained each step of the root canal procedure and there were no "surprises".  I would highly recommend Dr. Levin to anyone needing endodontic care.

Roxanne S.

Excellent reception, excellent nurses, and excellent treatment by Dr. Levin.

Al T.

Dr. Levin and his staff were very professional. Despite the lack of care of my teeth, they did not belittle me. They were concerned with my level of comfort during the procedure. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who needs endodontic care. When you hear root canal, you want to run. Luckily, I was in the hands of people who were very capable. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Starlette G.

You all have taught me not to be afraid of root canals - which is amazing since I am terrified of dentists!

Margaret S.

Efficient, caring, professional staff. Very positive experience. Will recommend highly.

Betty V.

I recommend Dr. Levin to anyone who needs his services.


Brian G.

The service is exceptional and very professional.  You really "get R done" in a timely manner and I really appreciate that.  The only issue is with that of the financing basically the setting up of insurance to payment ratio. This isn''t your fault but it does make it more time consuming and annoying.  Thank you all for your assistance with everything in making my "root" right. I really didn''t need to take any pain meds. I''m not pressing it though and will take it easy.  Please have a Great Holiday Season and GOD bless you & your loved one!

Patricia C.

 I am totally pain free now and have no doubt we chose the right tooth, thankfully.  I felt totally comfortable and was extremely satisfied with every aspect of procedure.

Carol B.